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Hand Addressing - A fresh approach with proven results

1. We begin with your mail piece (your design or we can help), and your list of prospects.

2. We take the finished mailing and place it in an envelope which is individually hand addressed by a real person.

3. We place a real postage stamp on the envelope and mail your piece.

4. Your customers receive and open their unique pieces of mail.

We make Hand-Addressed Mail Campaigns simple and effective

Do the meaningful messages you send customers end up in the trash as junk mail?

Your prospects check their mail the same way you do. They scan each envelope to determine if it's a bill, junk mail, or something worth their interest. Everything from the envelope, to the stamp, to the address determines whether or not your mail piece will pass this test.

Your mail piece should stand out from everything else. It should be appealing and intriguing to your potential customer. When your envelopes are hand-addressed and stamped by real people, it is guaranteed to have the personal touch that makes others curious and excited to open it. In a stack of their everyday mail, they will not just open it, they will likely open it first.

Making the time and effort yourself to give each of your mail pieces the personal touch they deserve is a lot of work, but our hand-address mail campaign makes it easy. We have the staff and systems in place to hand address, fold, stuff and stamp thousands of mailers for you.

Hand-addressed mail campaigns are perfect for:

  • Drip Mailing Pieces
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Tear Sheets
  • Sending Brochures and Flyers
  • Corporate Holiday Cards

Our hand-addressed mail campaigns promise a 90-95% opening rate, proven up to a 5% response rate. We guarantee that you will be amazed with your results.

We can help design your mailer and work with you to create an actionable message that will generate a remarkable response. We also offer in-house printing for selected pieces, and a tracking system for all of our programs to give you quantitative information detailing your unique campaign's response.

Why let your important mailers slip through the hands of potential customers? With our hand-addressed mail campaign, you can have an enticing look and feel that will draw customers to your message.

No volume requirements. No commitments. No hidden fees. No hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does hand addressing cost?

    Our hand addressing prices will pleasantly surprise you. Due to the systems we have in place and the region of the country we are in, we are able to offer highly competitive prices you won't find anywhere else. Each of our hand addressing orders is customized to fit the needs of each individual customer, and we are very proud to offer no minimum quantities. Whether you would like us to write just one handwritten thank you card, or you are sending 100,000 marketing pieces around the world, our team of hand addressers can do exactly what you are looking for.

  2. How fast is your turnaround rate?

    Turnaround rates vary depending on the size of the job. Some of our small volume custom pieces can have a turnaround rate as fast as 24 hours, while some of our larger jobs may require 2-5 business days. With our crews working seven days per week, you'll find you will have the edge when it comes to quickly adding that personal touch to your next project.

  3. Are real people actually hand addressing and stamping each envelope?

    Absolutely. Everyone knows the difference between what's handwritten and what's printed in a handwritten font. That personal touch is not something you can fake. The only way to have your piece truly look personal is to have real people hand addressing it. You'll also be glad to know that our prices are often lower than the price of companies who use machine-generated fonts. Simply put, it just makes sense to have the real thing.

  4. What other services do you offer?

    As a full-blown marketing consultancy firm, we can be as involved as you would like us to be in your project. We offer virtually every marketing service you could need, yet we are purposely casual in our sales approach. We simply want you to have a wonderful experience using the most personalized marketing method available in the world today. You will find this same personal attention at the root of everything our team does. Our graphic designer, copywriter and overall strategist have the experience, talent and attention to detail to make your next project a true success.

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We also create custom marketing plans

With good marketing strategies, you will be able to break down your complex product or service in terms your customers can understand.

Your customers do not want to be "sold," but they do want to "buy." When your marketing allows your customers to remain in control, they feel comfortable about calling you. Our marketing tools are far from standard, and they are all designed to put the spark back into your action rates.

Our marketing tools range from cooperative guerilla marketing to custom printed drip pieces. Every marketing service we offer is based on returning to the personal relationship method of connecting with customers.

By using emotional marketing methods, we are able to deliver real results to our clients.

Hand-addressed Includes:

  • Envelope of your choosing
  • Handwritten (real person) 3-4 line address
  • Hand affixed real stamp
  • Printed return address label (kitchen drawer style)
  • Folding, Inserting, Sealing
  • Delivery to post office on designated drop date

All packages are customizeable to your needs.

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