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Custom Thank You Cards - An amazing way to contact your customers from anywhere at anytime

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It's not always easy to write handwritten Thank You notes to your customers. If you're on the road or busy with everyday tasks, you may not have the time or energy to write them. Yet, you know the remarkable impact that personalized Thank You notes have on your customers and that the opportunity is too amazing for you to pass up.

At DMS Direct Marketing Solutions, we have established a specialized system that allows you to send handwritten notes to your customers at ANY time. Our system is simple, convenient and highly effective.

Our Thank You card program is ordered on demand, with no minimum requirements.

That means within seconds of leaving a client, you can immediately call or email us your personalized message and your client will receive it within 3 business days!

You don't have to call in during limited business hours or wait to build up a client list.

Once your account with us is set up, you may contact us anytime through an individualized contact system. You simply give us your customer's contact information and a personalized message. Then, we handwrite your message on your personalized stationery, and include any other personalized materials you wish.

All of our envelopes are addressed and stamped by hand to create the personalized touch you cannot find anywhere else. Your customers will see and feel the authenticity of your Thank You card and know how much their business means to you.

At DMS Direct Marketing Solutions, quality and efficiency are our top priorities. We ensure that each Thank You card is written as personally and timely as if your customer were our own.

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