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The goal of your mail piece is simple - get your message read and understood by those who matter most. At first blush, inexperienced marketers may find this style of marketing piece slightly unprofessional, however, with a properly written message, an enclosed business card, and the right data list, you will be absolutely blown away at how much business can be generated from this cost effective marketing technique.

The recipe for successful yellow letter marketing is simple. Boil your marketing message long enough that you are left only with a clear objective and a comfortable call-to-action. Add one cup of personality and one cup of urgency. Throw in a pinch of creativity for the differentiation flavor, and you will find that you have just cooked up a hearty return on investment.

Yellow Letters are proven highly effective for:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Notice of Default Marketing
  • Short Sales
  • Loss Mitigation Marketing
  • Sub-Prime Mortgage Lending
  • ARM Resets
  • Business Opportunities
  • Info-Marketers

The secret to the success of this style of marketing piece is quite simple. In the sea of solicitations that arrive in your prospect's mailbox every day, the goal is to be able to start the sales conversation much the same way you would if you were face-to-face.

Many marketers forget the fact that their marketing piece is merely a conversation in an envelope. It is a mistake to think that the best way to begin the sales process is by using a fancy, professional looking piece. Picture yourself face-to-face with a potential customer. The first thing you would do would be to establish some common ground and to build some rapport. You would give the potential customer your full-attention, and you'd be empathetically looking them straight in the eye as you got them to tell you their story. You would never start your sales process by sitting them down to preach at them about how great you are, you would engage, listen, and make sure they felt like they were the only person you were listening to at that moment.

These same principles work in your marketing. When your marketing piece is designed to make the prospect feel that they were one of only a few people you reached out to, they become engaged and the sales process can begin.

Your marketing piece is designed to be simple, succinct, and extraordinarily comfortable on behalf of the person you are trying to reach. The yellow letter, with an enclosed business card, is designed as if you came across their name and you reached into your desk and grabbed a yellow pad of paper and wrote them a quick note letting them you would love to talk to them about their options. It is hard to get more personal and engaging than that, and this explains the extraordinarily high response rates our customers have been getting.

What does it look like?
It looks exactly like a handwritten letter on a yellow legal pad. We have perfected our technique; we promise that even your mother couldn't tell your own pen did not handwrite it. Go ahead, hold it up to the light, pass it around the office, we promise you that you will be thrilled with the authenticity of your marketing piece.

With our streamlined technology, we are able to add as much variable information into the letter as you could possibly want. Names, addresses, auction date or any other information you can possibly want can be added, in your own handwriting, to the letter.

We have tested each and every variable associated with this marketing program and have found response rates are best when we use a yellow #9 envelope. Not only does this slightly undersized envelope stand out in a stack of mail, it will most likely be opened first. We strongly recommend letting us use regular first class stamps, the big kind that can only be applied by a human hand.

By enclosing a business card inside the letter, you are able to retain that "successful firm" image while still reaping the benefits of the handwritten letter.

You have the choice of having us use the same technique we use to print the letter, to print the names and addresses on the outside of the envelope (in your own handwriting), or you can have our team of hand addressers give the envelopes that extra special touch. Like the letters themselves, you'll be shocked at the authenticity our process is able to produce.

How do you produce the piece?
The authenticity of these pieces comes from the fact that we literally tear pages from a yellow legal pad. We do not use bulk paper or paper that comes in reams. Each and every page has the carefully torn perforations at the top of the page. In addition to the paper, our ability to digitize your own handwriting plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the yellow letter. Any human being can spot a handwritten "font" a mile away, and these are no fonts.

We have you fill out two alphabet grids. The first is your upper case handwriting, and the other is your lower case handwriting. We even have the ability to capture your script writing and have the letters flow perfectly together, much in the same way it would if you were writing it yourself (which is the point). Through careful tweaking in the pre-press process, we purposely inject many imperfections in spacing and alignment throughout the page. No drastic imperfections are made, just enough so that it has that human look to it. Then, with our array of presses, we make sure that every single piece is produced so the pre-existing lines on the paper merge splendidly with the text we are laying onto the paper.

What if I don't like my own handwriting?
No worries. If you don't like your own handwriting, or if we tell you that you shouldn't like your own handwriting, we have captured the handwriting of dozens of people on our staff that you are more than welcome to use.

I don't believe that they could look as good as you say.
You have every reason to doubt the quality of this process, but if we send you a sample (which you can request on the right of this page), you will quickly become a believer.

Text embellishment

Yellow Letters Includes:

  • A custom sales letter or one of your own printed on yellow legal pad paper using 1 of serveral processes
  • #7.5 Light Green Envelope
  • Handwritten (real person) 3-4 line address
  • Printed return address label (kitchen drawer style)
  • Hand affixed real stamp
  • Folding, Inserting, Sealing of envelope
  • Delivery to post office on designated drop date

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